Working with your leadership Vision

Working with your leadership Vision

A vision is your overview of the way things could be. It is your clear image of what you are working towards. In your role as a leader, you can see how things could be improved and made better. Putting all these pieces together in a format of how things should be will give you your overall leadership vision that helps you to get your ideas across powerfully, accurately, and quickly. Once you have a vision, you tell people about it and use it to lead people.

Sharing a vision is a central role of a leader – a leadership vision gives people a viewpoint, something to work towards and an idea of what things can be like. It helps people raise their hopes and expectations; it inspires them. When people are inspired, they are more likely to consistently work on something.

Leadership with vision also maximises commitment to the departmental or organisation’s goals and strategy. By framing the specific tasks within a grand vision, the visionary leader defines standards that revolve around that vision. When performance feedback is given – whether positive or negative – the singular criterion is whether or not that performance contributes towards the vision. The standards for success are clear to all, as are the rewards.

What a clear vision means

Let us also consider the impact of the leader’s vision on flexibility. The leader states the end point but generally gives people plenty of freedom to devise their own way of achieving it. They give people the freedom to innovate, experiment, and take calculated risks.

Working with a vision can have a positive impact and works well in almost any professional situation. It is particularly effective when a department or organisation is adrift. A leader with a vision charts a new course and engages people with a fresh long-term vision.

Leaders create and communicate a clear vision for the future by understanding and identifying core values and purpose. They clearly articulate and communicate the vision throughout the whole organisation.

In creating a vision, effective leaders provide a meaningful plan to succeed that defines their purpose and core values in a way that is meaningful, easy to remember, and transparent – without any hidden agendas. A memorable, powerful, yet motivational guiding statement is critical for a leader to create and communicate for any organisation.

Dare to dream about what you can do and what is possible to accomplish. Don’t be afraid to have big dreams. You can always scale your vision down to meet the realities of the situation, but big dreams allow you to think about ideas that may not seem likely, yet are in fact possible. Thinking big also forces you to think about the long term, which is always a useful thing to do. You have nothing to lose; it doesn’t cost you anything. Big ideas get people excited.

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