Productivity and Human Resource

Productivity and Human Resource

Improving productivity has always been a live issue for managements. As the profitability of an organisation mostly depends on improvement in productivity, therefore, managers are always striving to find ways for achieving the target of improved productivity.

Productivity is usually defined mechanically, as the ratio between input and the output. But, it is, in fact, an organisational challenge encompassing the human, cultural, technological and moral aspects. It is an all-out effort in every sphere of activity of the organisation towards achieving the target of most efficient management of all the available resources.

“Money”, ‘Machine”, “Material” and “Method” all have their share of importance for increasing productivity but, it is “Man” i.e. the human resource which dominates the show. No amount of money, technological ingenuity or work innovation will do the trick. Unless the most vital resource, i.e. the human resource is ready to rise to the occasion there is no chance of meeting this challenge. Undue emphasis on engineering aspects may affect the esprit de corps and culture of the Organisation. Thus the human resource of the organisation should form the focal point for any movement towards increasing productivity.

Productivity being an attitude, it cannot be transplanted into the body of the organisation. It could only be cultivated by a systematic process involving much initial spade work in the form of a sound organisation structure, maintenance of equilibrium vis-à-vis various activities within the organisation as well as clear-cut organisational goals.

The philosophy and the Basic principles underlying the spirit of the organisation play an important role in the quest for improved productivity. High degree of morality, integrity, fair play and justice finding manifestation, in its practices could go a long way in preparing the right kind of soil for nurturing productivity. Any discrepancy between what you say and what you do will erode the management’s credibility.

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