Leading by example…

Leading by example…

We believe that working closely together with other employees and entire departments can positively impact a team and the individuals within. Cross functionality offers open-door communication that can eliminate issues before they start. It’s imperative to encourage healthy working relationships within your business, across teams to maintain efficiency and productivity

Here’s are our top 5 reasons to encourage this way of working:

Transferable Skills

Different departments require a range of skills to be successful, for example those skills in Marketing will be distinctively different from those in the accounts department. Cross functioning provides great value here, with developing new strategies to find solutions.

Team spirit

There are amazing benefits to be had when merging teams of high performers. Although this can be a challenge it will be worth the effort, as it will create lasting bonds of trust and unity. It’s important that everyone is in the same ‘boat’ and ultimately working towards the same goal. Knowing that they’ve got each others back, will not only be reassuring but during this process of building trust, the individuals within your teams will learn how to become more tolerant and patient…..Therefore becoming better team players.

Be the best

Cross department cooperation will help managers and employees thrive to be the best. Being able to stand out and shine through, across all departments, will encourage individuals to overcome their own weaknesses or to improve upon their strengths. This can also provide opportunities for growth within the company.

Empowering everyone’s contribution

In many organisations it is often easy to miss or not think about every single persons contribution to the success of earning that big sale. Cross functionality can provide all team members with a sense of how their role, no matter its size, actually played a part in that ‘Big Win’ This will most definitely help create loyalty and empower people on a company-wide scale.

We want to lead by example and today we had our first successful cross team meeting, between the UK and US Cormis offices. Moving forward these meetings will help us to learn from each other, share in best practices, outline what worked and what didn’t, exchange ideas, provide help for issues and opportunities.

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