How to improve coaching and maximise your current resources.

How to improve coaching and maximise your current resources.

It should come as no surprise that redesigning your entire sales process or introducing a new sales methodology rarely produces the desired results. Huge shifts in your sales strategy seldom facilitate instant change. True change requires coaching, tenacity, insight and practice, and it’s most effectively administered in bite-sized chunks over time.

Below are three great tips to help inspire effective sales coaching and maximise your current resources.

Promote positive psychology
Recognition is a powerful motivator for most people, but this is especially true for sales people! With this in mind, a ‘win’, no matter how big or small, should be celebrated. Managers often feel the need to balance positive recognition with constructive critique, but now is not the time for criticism. Leave it on the shelf and reap the benefits of an energised and motivated sales team.

Introduce peer-to-peer activities
Leverage the team you already have in place. Think about introducing some in-house competitions to uplift employee engagement and morale. Reward not just the top performing individual(s) but the team as a whole. Lunch in the office or drinks after work could be a nice way to get the group together to discuss the recent competition and learn from one another.

Leverage the power of customer insight
The best way to supercharge your sales effort is to engage with your customers. The fact you already have some is a sign you are doing a few things right, but in order to improve, it’s imperative you identify what you could be doing better. Your customers have all the answers, so why don’t you start asking them some questions. Only once you know what they want can you develop a sales process to provide it!

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