Coaching tips to create a successful team

Coaching tips to create a successful team

The purpose of any sales coaching is to improve and enhance the performance of the sales team. One way this can be done is through training and it has been found that just 3 hours of coaching per month can increase the average ‘close’ rate by 70%!

Effective sales coaching can be achieved a number of ways, one of which is to create an ‘open-door’ policy environment. This means any member of your team should feel comfortable talking to you, no matter the subject. Make sure that during meetings with your sales team to ask open-ended questions as this will keep the conversation lively. In conjunction with this, it is pivotal you actively listen to what your staff have to say!

If you want to give your team a clear representation of their goals and where they currently stand, then you should start using data visuals! If you collect and analyse the data of your team and their performance, you can transfer this into a graph or chart and it will show them what areas they need to improve and where they are doing well! The numbers should drive sales training.
All members of your sales team should have one clear thing on their mind and that’s what they are hoping to accomplish within a certain time frame. If you can create simple and achievable goals for your sales staff, then you are creating a very inviting environment for them to smash their targets.

The key tip, though, is to be patient and consistent in everything you do. Change is not something that comes about easily — don’t be so naïve to think that one training session will cut it. Training should be completed in bi-weekly or monthly sessions. To become the sales coach you aspire, it requires a huge amount of time and dedication. It’s worth it, though, as the satisfaction you will receive from seeing your sales reps confidence grow is a great feeling!

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