7 ways to help build a positive environment within your sales team

7 ways to help build a positive environment within your sales team

A positive sales culture can make or break a business and its good to be aware of signs that display the need to make a change, such as resentment and rivalries amongst your sales representatives, bad attitude towards company management to name a few…

We’ve listed 7 ways to help build a positive environment within your sales team

  1. The constant demand for high performing sales executives can prove problematic for many fast growing companies. You should look to increase your chances of hiring the right type of individual by creating a checklist of ‘desirable’ characteristics that a potential salesperson should have.
  2. If your team complete a task successfully, it should be acknowledged. At the other end of the scale, if standards set are not reached this, should also be addressed constructively, in order to let them know where they went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistakes again. This helps to maintain positivity and increases the likelihood of success, next time around.
  3. In any sales team a bit of healthy competition should never go a miss, as your team can really push one another to reach higher goals. Making sure the stakes aren’t too high is key, as you don’t want any resentment to build up amongst the team members who perhaps aren’t doing as well as others. It can add a new dynamic to your teams and encourage individuals to work towards a collective goal.
  4. You should look to evaluate your teams work on a daily basis, as it is crucial you understand what’s going right and what isn’t. This will allow you to come up with plans for your team, to help guide them in the right direction. Without this type of monitoring you will often struggle to find the source of any problems.
  5. Always look to maintain a high energy environment. A bad sales experience can dent the biggest of egos, therefore it’s key to encourage positivity at all times. It will keep your team wanting to improve, even if things don’t go their way the first time.
  6. Ensuring your staff members are trained to have all the necessary skills available to them is vital to maintaining a positive sales culture. third-party training courses offer up fresh perspective and reinforce best practice techniques, but collaboration within the workplace is equally important. More experienced team members, for example, can share tips and tricks on the fly, with no cost attached, so it makes sense to encourage a collaborative, team driven working environment.
  7. Salespeople are often the highest paid workers in your company, but a higher salary comes with greater responsibility. Improve their productivity by boosting their self-esteem. Make sure they know how much you value their role within the team and never miss an opportunity to highlight the importance of their contribution.

We believe that by unleashing the potential of your sales teams, it can have a profound impact on both their performance and your business. We work with all types of commercial customer-facing teams including Sales Representatives, Key Account Managers, Pharmacy Account Managers, Market Access Managers and importantly their leaders. For more information about how we can help with your medical sales training and development requirements, please give us a call +44 (0)1932 903 060

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