Nobody likes a know-it-all.

Nobody likes a know-it-all.

Not having all the answers is no bad thing! In fact, in our experience the best teachers/coaches are those with the capacity for growth, who realise the benefits of not knowing (or at least; not pretending to know) everything makes them more approachable and better suited to leading.

It’s far easier to engage and motivate a team of people if there’s room for each of them to shine! One of the most effective ways to outwardly recognise a team members value, is to provide an opportunity to contribute a potential solution, to a problem. There are few things more satisfying than feeling valued, as a person, and the general sense of well being it helps to promote within the workplace is invaluable to your business!

Below are three reasons to root out and remove the know-it-all attitude from your business:

It will raise team morale
When you involve employees in any form of problem solving, not matter how big or small, levels of engagement and motivation have been proven to increase. On the flip side, when decisions made by management and key personnel are simply relayed, team engagement and motivation decreases. Creating a workplace environment that actively promotes employee wide participation, thus recognising the importance of ‘ownership’ and ‘autonomy’ is key to success.

It encourages collaboration
The ability to develop and maintain strong relationships is what separates good leaders from great ones. Technique can be taught, but a persons personality is what it is. Both are important, but as a leader, an amiable and charismatic individual should be better at strengthening relationships and aligning team vision!

Embracing the talents of your team encourages collaboration, which strengthens relationships, boosts engagement & motivation and channels group effort, to maximum effect.

It presents an opportunity to learn

We don’t all share the same motivators, but one thing that has the potential to both inspire and delight on a universal scale, is the feeling of mastery or accomplishment – this resonates with us all!

Presenting employees with the opportunity to master a new skill provides them with the potential to experience the feeling of mastery, which is an intrinsic motivator in itself. Learning, by definition, promotes improvement, therefore not knowing all the answers, provides an opportunity to find a solution, which will, in-turn, improve productivity and increase levels of motivation.

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